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Services Provided By J.D. Lawn Care

Creating the perfect lawn is more then just frequent watering and cutting of your grass. J.D. Lawn Care covers all aspect of lawn care. From soil health to meticulous cutting and trimming of your lawn, J.D. Lawn Care pays attention to all the details of lawn care so that you can spend more of your free time enjoying your yard rather then working on it. J.D. Lawn Care pledges that they will provide the most effective, long lasting program for your lawn that utilized the best products and methods and a price that will fit within your budget. Our staff is strongly dedicated and skilled at the highest level of lawn care.

J.D. Lawn Care is a full service landscape company and provides other services to ensure that your property is in tip top shape during any season. We provide sod and landscape design for newly built homes all the way up to decorating your home for the season. Feel free to explore the many services we have to offer and contact us for a free quote or with any questions you may have.

Lawn Care

Clarksville Lawn care

J.D. Lawn Care is concerned with the full health of you lawn. By applying proper care and technique, they will make sure that your lawn is healthy and will grow more beautiful, greener, and thicker. We well keep track of the health of your lawn's soil thereby providing the proper foundation for your lawn. J.D. Lawn Care is trained in the proper techniques for maintaining your lawn with seeding, aeration, thatching, and fertilization in order to keep your lawn picture perfect all year long.

J.D. Lawn Care currently offers the following lawn care services:
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Sodding
  • Seasonal Seeding
  • Aeration
  • Thatching
  • Fertilization

Pressure Washing

Clarksville Pressure Washing

Your home's exterior is under constant exposure to harmful man-made and natural elements. Ultraviolet rays from the sun along with dirt, wind, rain and grime attack your home's surfaces causing them to oxidize and degrade in color. Mold and mildew can also cling to the exterior darkening your home's surfaces adding to the overall effect. Along with the man-made elements such as environmental pollution and smoke from BBQ grills and chimney soot, the beauty of your home can be destroyed reducing the overall value of your property.

J.D. Lawn Care can help bring your home back to its original beauty by power washing the exterior of your home's surfaces. By periodically cleaning the exterior you can slow the environmental affects on your home and preserve the value.


Clarksville Landscaping

J.D. Lawn Care is your "One Stop Shop" for landscaping in Clarksville. We do everything from new construction landscaping, landscape renovations, sprinkler installation and repair, fencing and retaining walls. We have a high standard in our work and approach each project in a timely manner to guarantee your satisfaction.

Let our landscaping specialists discuss your needs and desires for the perfect back yard retreat or see what improvements can be made to your existing landscape to improve your homes curb appeal. We will listen to you and create a design measured to scale that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Small Tree Removal

Clarksville Tree Removal

Do you have a small tree that is dying, doesn't get enough sun, or you just don't want it around anymore? J.D. Lawn Care offers small tree and brush removal, and would be happy to give you a free quote. We also offer debris removal from storms knocking down branches and trees. We will cut the tree down on site, and haul off all logs, branches, and debris.

Seasonal Decorating

Clarksville Christmas Decoration

Do you ever feel like you just put your Christmas decorations up only to turn around and take them back down? J.D. Lawn Care now takes all the hassle out of seasonal decorating by offering to design your light display, put up the lights and take the lights down. We can work with your existing decoration supplies or we can purchase the lights needed for your display. We will decorate for all holidays, just give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

Yard Cleanup

Clarksville Spring and Storm Yard Cleanup

Tennessee storms hit fast and strong, usually leaving a trail of storm debris in yards and roads. J.D. Lawn Care offers storm clean up plus spring and fall cleanup. We will even clean up your yard after your remodeling project. We will bag up all non-hazardous materials and remove them from your property and either bag yard debris, or turn it into mulch for you to use in your compost pile to use in your garden or other landscape projects.

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